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General Joseph Finegan SCV Camp # 745

Proposed Confederate Heritage
License Plate for Florida

Historical significance:

The central crest, depicts four flags from Florida’s Confederate era, behind a Confederate shield. The flag on the upper left is the 1861 Florida State Flag – the first official state flag used by Florida. The flag on the upper right is known as the Bonnie Blue flag – and was once used by the “Republic of West Florida”. Several Confederate states used this flag during the War Between the States as a symbol of independence. The flag on the lower right is the Second National or “Stainless Banner” flag of the Confederate States of America. The flag on the lower left is the Third National flag of the Confederate States of America.

The two brass buttons are examples of actual buttons issued by Florida to its troops during the war. The Eagle button on the left, is patterned after the Florida Seal at the time, and depicts an eagle holding arrows and olive branches, over a field of cactus. The button on the right features a six-pointed star, surrounded by a wreath of roses, and was known as the Cherokee Rose pattern.

The banner across the crest, denotes the time period (1861-1865) in which Florida was part of the Confederate States of America. Florida was the 3rd state to secede from the Union.




I salute the Confederate flag, with affection, reverence, and undying devotion to the Cause for which it stands.


Confederate Heritage License Plate Info

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